Side Projects

An incomplete list of some of the public side projects I have worked on over the years, or am still working on when time permits.

Best Borough

Best Borough lets you discover which areas of London fit you the best (I used this to decide where to buy).

Go Report Card

Go Report Card generates a report on the code quality of open source Go projects.

A fast and simple open source Japanese dictionary written in Go.


A Go library to convert between Japanese Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji

Chinese Level

A web app (2012-2016) for finding Chinese text to read at your level

Planet Minibox

My first startup (2005-2009), providing hosted chatboxes that could be added via iframe.

Chinese Flashcards

A weekend hack with the main claim to fame that it was the first (non-Facebook) React Native app to be published to the app store.


A web app (2010-2012) for finding flats to let in student towns in South Africa.